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Rede Celer accelerates digital transformation into financial and transactional services.


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  • 1. Time To Market
  • 2. Focus on what matters most: selling
  • 3. One contract, all solutions
  • 4. Multi Purchasing Platform
  • 5. Digital Account
  • 6. Issuance of prepaid card with ELO pre-paid card
  • 7. 100% White Label Solution
  • 8. PCI DSS Certification
  • 9. Capture Solution, Management Platform and Gateway
  • 10. POS, MPOS, TEF Wi-Fi and Smart POS

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We believe innovation is to enrich and simplify experiences. That's why we focus on fintech's customer and focus on their goal.

We help fintechs to innovate and accelerate to the market.

Speed up PSP startup

Accelerates Buyer's Financial Life

Accelerates the Financial Life of Retailer and Entrepreneur

Speed up buyer-seller relationship


Here in Celer

To accelerate your business Celer offers a fully whitelabel platform, ranging from the POS to dashboards, all with of your business identity.


All of this to help your fintech stay ahead.

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Terminal and Transactions Management Platform

Through our solution, your company got access to PCI Platform, gateway, terminal applications (card machines), mobile transaction application and 24 × 7 monitoring. Furthermore, we have a logistics solution for delivery POS, as well as a Chip.


Information and graphics visible all the time, 24 × 7 monitoring at your fingertips.


Manage your entire operation by generating complete and intuitive reports.

User Registration

Create users, permission levels and have full control over actions taken on the platform.


Everything you need to accelerate your business on the first and only full service platform for fintechs from Brazil and Latin America.

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Accept major card brands

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Celer works with the main card brands of Brazil

One Celer

The right package of services to accelerate your fintech at the stage it needs.

for each Fintech

CELER is a young company that brings together an experienced team, with a clear goal of accelerating payment projects, saving investment and, especially, startup time. We have seen over the course of a few years in the market that most payment facilitator initiatives have failed from failing to mature their plans within budgeted time and investment.

In 2015, the company was born out of its partners' desire to create processes and products that would allow both traditional and new companies to focus their energy, time and money to test their innovations, concepts and products in the target market rather than with standard technology not "core". In this way, we want our customers and partners to focus on what we understand as “essential,” that is, “customer,” market intelligence, supply, innovation, and expertise, quality, and differentiation.

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